Apple 100% Juice Concentrate (No Artificial Color Added)
Apple 100% Juice Concentrate (No Artificial Color Added)

Hospitals and nursing homes recognize the health benefits of drinking apple juice, which supplies calcium, antioxidants and vitamin C. Our Apple 100% Juice Concentrate is one of the best concentrates available. It is especially popular with daycares, school programs, preschools, nursing homes, hospitals, assisted living facilities, and cafeterias because it contains no added sugars or artificial colors, only the natural goodness of apples.

Mix one (1) part juice concentrate with five (5) parts water as a beverage or slush. Yields 3 gallons of 100% juice when reconstituted. Mixing pitchers are available with pre-marked measuring lines for easy mixing and serving.

OU Kosher Certified Apple Juice

100% JuiceĀ Concentrate is sold in cases of 6 – 1/2 Gallon bottles and may be mixed and matched. All orders placed online will ship within 3 business days from receipt of order.

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